Fox Denton Christmas Gift Set (2x20cl)

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Made in Buckinghamshire on the Fox Denton Estate.

This gift set includes 20cl of their new Hedgerow Liqueur which is made with wild sloes and a British blackberries. This season Liqueur captures the flavour of the British Countryside in all it’s Autumnal glory. Perfect from a hip-flask, or after dinner but just as home mixed with Sparkling wine. Hedgerow Liqueur is 23%.

This also includes 20cl of Fox Denton's ever-popular Christmas Liqueur, which is made with Winslow plums and a blend traditional Christmas spices including Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon, and Star Anise. It really is the ideal Winter warmer and at 19.5% isn't 'to be feared'.

Our tip: Try a dash in a glass of Fizz.

(Contains sulphites)